Masonry Features A-Z

This list of masonry features provides a group of images that illustrate typical masonry categories, such as fireplaces, chimneys, walls, staircases and patios.

As defined in this website, a masonry feature is an architectural element or a landscape element with masonry component parts and details.  These elements often contribute to the architectural style of a building (e.g. pediments, lintels, columns).  This list does not refer to categories such as terms for buildings as a whole (e.g. church, mansion).  And categories of architectural styles are not included  (e.g. Tudor, Mediterranean).

Masonry features do include categories of rooms or areas such as parts of a building defined by their function (e.g. kitchen, staircase) or parts of a landscape defined by their function (e.g. patio, wall).  Some building materials or construction methods are included (e.g. veneer, paving, carved stone, brick bonds).  Masonry techniques that create the appearance of a rural style are also included (e.g. rusticity, antiquing).