Custom Dreams Projects

City: Los Altos Hills
Year: 2006 - 2007
Project Manager: Rene Ramirez


Walton & Sons Masonry has done two projects for Custom Dreams of Los Altos.  A family business, Brad, Carla and Mark Blackman are the preeminent, high-performance “green” custom home development company in the region and their homes reflect the company’s “green” building focus.


Wildcrest, Los Altos Hills, 2006

This residence sits on two acres in the Los Altos Hills and has views the overlook Los Altos and the Santa Clara Valley.  Kennesaw Mountain Red Stone was used on this job.


Nuovo Toscano, Los Altos, 2007

Gentry Magazine presented this estate as the 2008 Custom Dreams Showcase Home in their February 2008 issue.  Nuovo Toscano is a unique estate that was developed near downtown Los Altos by Custom Dreams.


Walton Masonry provided the stone landscaping and paving around the pool, the fireplaces and chimney stacks, the stone building veneer and stone patio paving.