Lu Project

City: Atherton
Year: 2003
Project Manager: Scott Walton, Rene Ramirez


Atherton is one of the wealthiest cities in the U.S. with a zip code that rivals Beverly Hills.  Streets lined with majestic oaks and towering cedars offer a serene park like setting for estates secluded behind tall masonry walls.  The Lu Project required stone veneer for a Mediterrean style home located in a prime West Atherton location on a quiet corner lot of about 0.92 acres.


Walton & Sons Masonry placed cream colored limestone veneer set in an ashlar pattern on the main house, garage and poolroom.  Six-inch thick limestone was placed to wainscot height.  Above this, four-inch thick limestone was placed up to the soffit of the eve and gable areas.  Special engineering was required to attach the unusually thick and heavy limestone as veneer.  Walton & Sons Masonry manufactured and provided the split tail stainless steel ties required for the job.


In addition, we set limestone veneer for the entry and radius walls.  We built four masonry pilasters, low planter walls and placed the veneer and caps.  We also built the chimneys and chimney caps.  In addition, we aided the contractor by providing saw cutting services for concrete core drilling.