Fireplaces include a firebox and a masonry face with or without a mantle or a hearth.  It requires years of experience and technical expertise to construct a fireplace that will draw air and prevent smoking.  It is necessary to adjust the size of the opening to the size and angle of the flue and the height and clearance of the chimney.  In appearance, fireplaces constitute a huge variety of styles and choices for masonry materials, bond patterns and joints. All of the examples in this gallery were built or set by W&SM.  There are examples of brick and stone fireplaces.  There are real carved stone fireplace imported from Europe and cast architectural molded stone fireplaces created in a variety of architectural styles.  There are indoor fireplaces, including a a wood burning stove.  There are outdoor fireplaces for patios or for full outdoor kitchens with BBQs and counters. All fireplaces are have a non-combustible firebox.  Sometimes the firebox is built with firebrick.  Sometimes a “tincan” or zero-clearance stainless steel firebox is used.  The surround and all the fireplace elements are placed or built around one of these fireboxes.  Sometimes a Heatilator fireplace (Metal Heating Unit) is built into a fireplace for heating purposes.  Sometimes a firebox is built to accommodate a wood burning stove.