About Us

walton&sons logoWalton & Sons Masonry, Inc. has been serving customers in northern California since 1972.  Originally Dennis Walton began a small family business.  His company grew by word of mouth because he consistently delivered quality work with excellent communications and prompt, pleasant service.  Over the past 42 years Walton & Sons Masonry grew and our size has fluctuated between 30 to 100 employees.  It still feels like a family business because several of our staff and masons have been with us for many years — a few from 15 to 25 years.

From start to finish Dennis always insisted that his estimators, project managers, and field workers deliver on three simple principles: Service, Quality, and Integrity.


Walton Masonry has always had offices and a receptionist to answer all calls.  Open communications were always extremely important to us.  Today with cell phones and email, it is much easier for our estimators, accountants and project managers to discuss billings or changes on a job and to maintain accurate job files.  Service is reflected from the first call we receive to the last billing sent.  We are consistently there for every aspect of the job.


We work with homeowners, contractors and architects — sometimes years in advance before a project begins.  We build “mock-ups” or panels to provide choices between various materials and bond patterns.  Our estimators identify concerns and technical difficulties that might arise.  Project Managers oversee our masonry crews and work on a daily basis with superintendents, owners or architects.  We make sure the job is done right with technical and aesthetic expertise.  It can be added that at least 20% of our jobs each year are repairs on masonry done by others.


Dennis Walton has always acted upon a consistent framework of principles.  He operates his business with a value system based on honesty and accuracy.  In so doing, he has frequently been frustrated by the assumption of clients, that all construction contractors lack good character.  Value systems aside, all good businessmen know that their business will grow based on reputation.  Today, many contractors insist on using Walton Masonry because they know we will provide what has been promised — and for a reasonable price.  Those who take the lowest bid often regret the results they receive.

Throughout the counties of Marin, Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Monterey and Santa Cruz, our masonry crews have completed beautiful custom masonry projects. Today, our projects can be seen from San Leandro and San Francisco to Carmel and Pebble Beach.

Although, we specialize in complex, multi-million dollar custom homes, we also have the personnel to do small projects, such as a planter box or a walkway.  Homeowners are welcome to call us.  Our office is open Monday through Friday from seven to five.  We are happy to consult with you and we can provide plans and drawings to help you visualize your project.  We do specialize in custom residential work, but we have also done small to medium size commercial projects.