Grandview Landscape

City: Saratoga
Year: 2002
Project Manager: Steve Montez

Since the late sixties, art collector, Donald Head, has invested in the 25-acre rehabilitation of the old and neglected Pike Estate in Saratoga.  Today, Old Grandview Ranch is also known as Hearst Castle North.  Set in the wooded foothills of Saratoga, Dr. Head has developed a French Renaissance showcase estate that includes a rejuvenated 22-room mansion, two art galleries, a studio, two swimming pools, a pool house, gardens and orchards.  Walton & Sons Masonry, Inc. set granite and marble stone for the landscape and buildings on the estate.


Landscape:  Set black and white granite with polished and flamed finishes, for all ashlar paving on terraces, for all stair treads and risers, for all stairways including the circular stairways, for all cladding applied to walls, planters, pilaster, for all balustrade systems including balustrades, bases and caps.